Empowering Patients

Empowering Patients


Following percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI), patients are required to take anti-platelet for at least 12 months to maintain the integrity of the device. In many cases, patients also need to undertake significant lifestyle changes, for example, lose weight or give up smoking, to prevent further coronary events. However, patients lack understanding of the relevance of the medication and compliance is poor. They also often fail to understand the important impact of even small changes to their current lifestyle to improve cardiac health. Our challenge was to address the knowledge gap and develop a programme aimed at empowering patients with the ability and motivation to continue with medication and make beneficial lifestyle changes.


Real-life patient feedback on the immediate benefit of the procedure, the importance of antithrombotic prophylaxis and the type and benefit of simple lifestyle changes was gathered via focus groups. The experience of patients of all ages and all demographics in France, Germany and the UK was used to develop three fictional characters for portrayal in a short educational video in each market. Motivational interviewing techniques were incorporated into the script to maximise the impact. The resulting 45-minute video educated patients on the importance of medication compliance and highlighted the positive benefits of lifestyle change.  A patient diary, providing frameworks for setting lifestyle goals and monitoring progress, was developed to accompany the video.


The ‘Living with a Stent’ video and diary were made available to all patients undergoing a stent procedure at a number of key cardiology centres in each market. Feedback from patients and clinicians was extremely positive. Patients felt that seeing the experience of other `real’ people and how they had coped after having a stent fitted was both supportive and motivating. They also found the video a useful source of information for family members or carers. Physicians reported that the video supported their explanation of the procedure. It had also increased awareness about the importance of medication and helping with compliance.

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