Product Revival

Product Revival


The client had the opportunity to revive the fortunes of a mature product with a line extension. This required targeting the product at a new group of healthcare professionals. The client had limited understanding of this particular market, lacked familiarity with the speciality, had minimal resources and no field force. However, launch was imminent.  Our task was to expand client knowledge rapidly, develop a range of materials to support the product extension and find ways to communicate with the target professionals without a field force.


An Advisory Board comprising key stakeholders was formed. A one-day meeting was held to identify the practical issues in the management of the therapeutic area, identify the challenges and opportunities for the line extension within current practice and explore mechanisms for its effective introduction and support. The Advisory Board provided input into educational promotional materials on the disease burden, the importance of early treatment and the role of the new formulation. Fortis also worked closely with an Advisory Board member in the development of a business case template summarising the clinical evidence for the UK use of the new formulation in the target indication.


A range of educational materials supporting education and adoption of the new formulation, targeted at various stakeholders, was developed and distributed to UK centres. The business case template was used by stakeholders to support investment and adoption into hospital formularies